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Tears I Can’t Cry September 27, 2017

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Michael N. Johns, 09/26/2017

My daughter is crying the tears I can’t cry,
I’m too full of anger, wondering, did God lie?
When His Son said we’d do the same things He had done:
Our prayers would be answered, our victories won
But my mother-in-law is still not doing well
I prayed, and still hope of miracles to tell,
But she’s dying. Did my prayers all stop right at my lips?
Why bother praying? My doubt fairly drips
Falling like my wife’s tears and I still just can’t cry
I want God to say yes, and the doctors to try
Something that will heal her; they’re just watching her die!
Praying, You healed Peter’s mother-in-law.  Now heal mine!
I’m shattered, and there are no answers for why,
While my family cries the tears I cannot cry.



1. michaelnjohns - October 1, 2017

To the fake email address fake IP address troll, I’m surprised and I appreciate that you actually read my blog, but right after my mother-in-law dies is not a good time to post a trollish, snarky, mean-spirited comment. I’m not posting your comment; no one needs to read what you said.

I do believe in God, but I don’t always understand why His answers are sometimes not what I want. Since He doesn’t always answer the way I ask, maybe He won’t answer me today either: May He bless you with chaos, confusion and crisis until you give your heart to Him. An apology would be nice, too, but right now, I don’t care if you’re ever sorry or not. If you get to heaven, you can thank me when we meet faith to faith.

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