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South Chicago January 9, 2015

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“I don’t have an explanation for it,” the geologist snapped.  “It’s happening, and we can’t stop it.  That’s all I know.” Something was wrong with the planet.  In all of his years of studying the earth Dr. James had never seen this.  Or anything like it.  The normal 23.5 degree wobble of the Earth, from North to South, was changing.  A list of a million questions had run through his mind.  The list started with what is happening, and why, and ended with what will the consequences be for the Earth’s passengers.

Deep within the earth, under the mantle, the magnetic ores that made up the core groaned at a frequency no one heard.  Of course everyone knew the deep frequencies the earth generated, but the sound was changing.  Dr. James had noticed it first.  He called his article “The Earth’s Musical Core: Changing Its’ Tune?”  The latest geological craze had been the rumored global warming, but if the earth had been around for as long as scientists believed, there wasn’t enough measured data to scientifically back-date global warming as an actual trend.  Everyone wanted to believe in it, but no one cared about the seemingly insignificant changes hidden well out of sight, under everyone’s feet.

“Yes, some scientists still say they believe the earth’s surface is being slowly cooked, as we are subjected to greenhouse gases.  But the truth may be that the earth is changing in bigger ways that can’t be seen yet.”

The trend hadn’t been noticeable at first, but the normally scheduled seasonal changes began to slow.  A few more days of winter here.  A few more days of summer there.  A drought here.  A typhoon there.  And there were earthquakes popping up in some really strange places.  Idaho.  Central Illinois.  Texas.  Pennsylvania.  New York.  And that was just in the United States.

Dr. James had lived in Chicago most of his life, and still tuned in WGN on his cable to keep up on events.  The weather forecast caught his attention.  “This is Jeanie Golf,” the caffeine-perky, slim weather girl announced.  “Chicago seems caught in the grip of a deepening cold trend, as the jet stream continues to dip and dive, bringing with it the very cold air from the Arctic.  Lake Michigan has a layer of ice covering all of its’ surface, and it’s getting thicker as temperatures are not expected to climb above 3 degrees for the next several days.  We’re looking forward to the return of Spring, and hope it arrives soon.  Until then, bundle up and stay warm, everyone.”

Satellite images fed into computers that forecast models of weather.  But Dr. James wanted to know something different.  He created his own simulation program and fed in data and images from satellites and from geological monitors around the world, and found out the wobble was wrong.  As if the world wasn’t already off-kilter, now it was getting worse.  And what was perhaps even more disturbing, was that the satellite images and computer models showed that the very shape of the earth was changing.

It was slow at first.  There were tidal waves and dramatic earthquakes.  As they seemed to increase in frequency and intensity, happening in places where earthquakes and tidal waves were either rare or had never happened before, Dr James was called to Washington to share his findings.

His model showed that it wasn’t that the wobble was wrong, but that the Earth’s core seemed to slowly have shifted.  People noticed that what had been showing as north wasn’t quite north any more.  It was moving south, heading for Canada.  And the shape of the earth was none-too-gently shifting as the magnetic north pole moved.  In Washington, Dr. James advised a government panel that the North Pole was shifting, and with it the mantle, on which the continents rode.  He predicted increased volcanic activity, storms, earthquakes and tidal waves, would be the result.  And he was right.  What he didn’t know was when, or if, the earth would return to some kind of stability.

As the shift continued, the nations of the earth argued at the U.N.  What would happen?  Dr. James became something of a celebrity, as his models continued to prove accurate.  But he was aging.  Ten years of stress and dramatic changes to earth affected everything.  Governments banded together.  Instead of fighting one another, people joined forces to fight nature itself for survival.  No longer were there petty conflicts over race or religion or money, or power, or even distribution of food. now the struggle seemed to be a battle against God Himself, for a spot on the New Earth, if its outer crust would ever stop shifting like ocean waves.

The last of the petty despots were finally put down in a coup organized by all the newly allied Earth governments.  Others were deposed by their countrymen.  Several had gone into exile, and three particularly despicable tyrants were crushed when violent earthquakes struck their palaces, collapsing them.  After the moment of surprise passed, there were widespread celebrations not unlike the United States’ Independence Day.


“It’s 30 degrees in Miami, Florida today, and I’m Jeanie Golf, reporting to you live from South Chicago, where it’s 50 degrees, and a positively balmy Spring day in Antarctica.  It’s been a long, strange trip, but I’m here today with Dr. Nathan James, a face we’ve all come to recognize during this traumatic, phenomenal time in earth’s history.  Ten years ago, Dr. James was the author of  “The Earth’s Musical Core:  Changing Its’ Tune,” and was an early forecaster of the dramatic changes that we’ve lived through.  Dr. James, thank you for being our guest here on WGN News at Noon.  What can you tell us today?”

“Well, Jeanie, first thank you for having me on air with you today.  And indeed it has been a phenomenal time in our Earth’s history.  After the major world powers finally came to an agreement, affected citizens of the United States have been given permission and financial aid to relocate to our section of Antarctica.  Other people in the world, affected by this global change have similarly been permitted to relocate due to the newly extreme weather conditions where they used to live.  There have been enormous costs, both in lives and economics, in the face of this geological epoch, not just to survive, but to succeed.  And I’m happy to report that as the citizens of Earth joined to form a real community, to fight for survival, the Earth has stabilized as well.  We expected a larger volcanic eruption at Yellowstone, but after the caldera filled and the mountain pushed its’ way up from underground, with slow-flowing eruptions like they have in Hawaii, things are stopped again.  The ice cap is growing on Old Chicago, where the magnetic North Pole seems to have settled.  There has been unusual volcanic activity, that seems to have greatly slowed or stopped in the last 3 years.  It somehow fortunately came bleeding up from the ocean floors instead of blasting through to the atmosphere, and it’s given us new land masses where people have been able to build new cities, as well as our large new colonies on Antarctica as the old South Pole’s icecaps have melted and moved, the shift slowed and stability increased.  I’m waiting to hear the new Christmas songs about Santa and his sleigh starting their journey from Old O’Hare Airport.”

“And, Dr James,” Jeanie interrupted.”  “What about the Earth’s Tune?”

“Well, it’s a little different of course, but after a long time at fortissimo, the score finally seems to have shifted to quieter dynamics.”

“That is very good news.  And now, Sports!  Jim?”



1. larry megazzi - January 10, 2015

Good stuff.  I wonder if this what happened on Mars ?

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