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Who Are You? January 7, 2015

Posted by michaelnjohns in Uncategorized.

In spite of myself, I like Dexter.  I know, that series finale was so 2 years ago.  Once, Dexter’s victim assaults him while attempting to kill someone else and they ask each other “Who are you?”

I’m an insecure writer.  I’m an unpublished novelist/poet/blogger.  I write for fun and I’m hoping soon, for profit.  Watch for two novels I hope get done this year:  “Wisdom’s Father,” and “I Am R.”  I’ve got published poetry, “March with the Muse,” another in progress, “Writing What Eye Heard,” and the blogs. I hope to encourage and stimulate readers. Maybe you’ll encourage me.




1. Madeline Mora-Summonte - January 7, 2015

Welcome to the IWSG! You’re in the right place for support and encouragement. Good luck with all of your writing projects for 2015!

2. Candilynn Fite-Writer - January 7, 2015

Welcome to the IWSG! My Blogger account doesn’t play well with others, so I’m commenting through FB. Best of luck on the writing front in 2015. Keep working on those novels. 🙂 cfitewrite.blogspot.com

3. Susan Gourley - January 7, 2015

I hope you’ll get those two novels done. I like a person with a plan.

4. mlouisebarbourfundyblue - January 8, 2015

Welcome, Moejoe! I joined the IWSG mid-2014. It’s a great group, and you will find lots of support and encouragement! Good luck with your writing plans for the year!

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