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Insecure Writers Support Group Day January 7, 2015

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You wouldn’t believe it.  All of my posts are so bold, so freely offered, so thoughtlessly strewn to the page with my devil-may-care, let-it-fly attitude.  My writing is always perfect, like painted masterpieces. (Were you reading this with the same incredulous laugh I gave when I wrote it?)  But I discovered there is a support group out there that I feel I desperately need.

#IWSG Apparently, the first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day.  I had no idea.

IWSG Badge

As a writer I am so insecure.  Are you old enough to remember Match Game?  It’s on Youtube if you’re not.  At that prompt the live studio audience would all chorus:  How insecure are you?!

I’m so insecure I had to find out about this group, starting with “What’s a Badge, and how do I add it to my blog? And then, I almost asked, how do I link to the group website?  I think I did that twice.  I hope I did it right.

I’m excited to have found this group.  When writing, I worry about everything.  Did I spell check? Are there usage or punctuation errors?  Does it make sense? Will the readers hate me for expressing my opinions?  Is there something more important I should be doing with my time than writing?  First, I’m a perfectionist.  Second I am concerned about audience appeal.  And then, as a pending novelist, how long have I been in pending status and will I ever finish this terrifying thing? And then, repeat the first set of questions again. I feel frozen every time I think through these questions.  I blog just to keep my writing going, since I haven’t figured out how to make money from blogging, and be independently wealthy and free to just write my books any time I want.  I blog because it’s fun and it allows me to vent.  I also write poetry, again, just for fun and to have a creative emotional outlet.

My son set a goal for himself and asked me how I would do it.  I told him to consider the steps toward the goal, and breaking it down to manageable sub-goals along the way.  How long do you have to finish it?  Take on some of the difficult tasks, some of the easier, some of the more fun ones, and save some of each for the next goalpost.  Then reassess and do it again with the remaining steps, like adding chapters to a novel (insert very weak, nervous laugh). Thank God he didn’t reply, “Oh yeah, Dad, and have you done yours yet?  When’s it going to be done?”  Stewie Griffin from the animated show Family Guy is in my head here, harassing Brian and me about our novels-in-progress.  I love Stewie, but I hate him too.

I set a goal last year and failed.  I wanted to finish two novels.  They’re both about half-way.  So this year the goal is the same as it was last year, except, to succeed.  So I hope this year I can set aside the neurotic worrying about my writing and its’ reception, and just write, with the strategy I offered my son.  Happy 2015.  Here’s hoping.

The website says to write a 100 word introduction and I didn’t introduce myself and I didn’t write only 100 words.  So, I’ll write a blog entry to introduce myself and keep it to the word requirement and then reattach the badge and see if they’ll let me in.



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