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Ignorance is Bliss, Until It Kills You October 8, 2014

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If you read all the way through this you’re going to either think me completely ignorant, or compelling.  But I’ll let you decide.

This morning we watched something cool.  It was a lunar eclipse, and the moon turned red like blood.  Here’s an old link from NASA that, without sensationalizing, explains why that happens.  It’s an interesting phenomenon.  Seems to happen in the fall season, so often that it’s got a nickname.  It’s affectionately called a “blood moon” or a “hunter’s moon.”  We’ve got a scientific explanation for it, so we don’t wig out every time it happens.
Before science explained stuff, people got freaked out when there were events that were extraordinary.  We had ancient gods tinkering in the heavens and the earth to explain stuff like blood moons, earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, floods, births, deaths, and everything else.  With science marching on, discovering explanations for things, we have debunked theories about events and now have scientific explanations.  What concerns me about having science to explain things is that we have developed a “science will come up with an answer” jaded approach to life, the universe and everything.

I’m afraid the smarter we’re getting, the more ignorant we’re getting.

Can’t remember?  Look it up on the internet.  Store it on your cell phone.  That’s right, your personal digital assistant will store your appointments, your phone numbers, and make suggestions.

Can’t cook?  Go to the store and get prepared frozen meals, or better still, go to a restaurant and have someone cook it for you.  You can even get that delivered.

Can’t drive?  No problem, your car is smart now, so smart it will automatically brake for you when you’re getting too close to the car or deer ahead, alert you when there’s something behind you, or when you’re changing lanes, speak to you when you’re leaving your lights on or key in the ignition, and even automatically parallel park.

Can’t navigate?  No problem.  Your car can be equipped with a GPS and even tell you where to go.  And your phone will remember where you parked for you, so you don’t have to remember that.

What happens when the technology breaks?  When there’s no electricity, my alarm clock won’t wake me up.  My home phone doesn’t work.  When there’s no electricity, my cell phone won’t recharge.  When my car’s onboard computer doesn’t work, there’s no telling which system will fail. My car alarm may trigger at random.  My car’s locks may fire at random, leaving me locked out even if I have the key.  My automatic door closure system may not work correctly, and that will cause my car’s battery to completely discharge.  I know because all of these things have happened to me personally.

Science and technology have come a long way, but there is no substitute for actual practical knowledge and systems that work whether the computer is on or not, or whether the power is on or not.  It’s being invented intent on improving safety and comfort, but, do you know how to make pizza dough, pie crust, cook your own lasagne?  How to make your own pasta?  How to preserve fruits and vegetables?  How to bake bread starting with flour and yeast?  How to cook when the power is out?  How to gauge distances behind you when driving?  How to use your mirrors to parallel park?  How to clean and cook a fish that isn’t pre-packed into fish sticks or pre-cooked fillets?  It’s even harder if you’re vegan.

Ever had your identity stolen?  Technology handed your information to those thieves on a wireless platter.

Technology is great, up to the point where it makes you helpless, more vulnerable to attack, or stupid.

There’s other stuff science can’t answer.  They think they know, but they don’t.  Spiritual questions.  What’s the meaning of life, the purpose of existence?  What really happens to us after we die?  How do some people know what’s going to happen before it does, or do miraculous things, like Noah, like Moses, like Jesus?

People laugh that off.  Noah didn’t smell the air and say, there’s a flood coming in 100 years, I better build a boat or we’re all going to die.  He was told.  Those people didn’t even know what rain was.  Moses didn’t just create the plagues out of thin air, personally kill all the firstborn of Egypt, make the water stand at Adam,  create fire and cloud protection, carve the tablets, and lead a few million people toward Israel.  Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, and told people what to expect after they were dead.  And then he came back in bodily form after he was dead, ate some fish, taught some more, for about 40 more days, and then left the planet.  This stuff is better than any sci-fi book or movie.  There was nothing magical about it.  But supernatural, yes.

We’re fascinated by the supernatural, still.  There are all kinds of TV Shows and movies about it.  Because there are things science still can’t answer.

But what about this blood moon?  Joel the prophet said the sun would be darkened and the moon would be red like “…blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”  Jesus prophesied there would be “signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”  And a hot tip, the Son of Man is coming, but hasn’t come yet.  Jesus said we should be ready, but later, Peter said we wouldn’t be.

It’s just my opinion, that the signs that we see today, earthquakes in diverse places, tidal waves (the roaring and tossing of the sea), the blood moons, etc, are nothing compared to what is coming as actual warnings that the great and dreadful day of the Lord is coming.  Yup, this blog is my sandwich board, and it says “the end is near.”   Luke (the doctor) even records specifically, not just earthquakes, and famines but pestilences in various places.  They were scared when the Bubonic Plague broke out.  But it’s worse today:  Herpes, AIDS/HIV, Avian flu, Swine flu, Ebola, anyone?  We can cure some, we can treat others, but we can’t fix everything or cure everyone yet.  As a planetary society, we’re collectively dying fast from this stuff, and it’s going to get worse if these prophets are right.  But with every scientific explanation, we citizens of the planet Earth will disregard more and more prophecy, including mine.

Weather phenomenon and earthquakes and other natural disasters can’t really be predicted with any sufficient early warning or accuracy, yet.  But science is working on it, and they’ve made great strides.  I heard a National Weather Service alert that said there was a storm in a certain area that was capable of producing a tornado, and said “risks associated with tornado include…tornado.”  I guess that technology needs a little tweaking too.

We’re not sure what causes mental illnesses like depression, but that one is a killer.  We have a treatment, not a cure.  We’re not sure what causes people to go nuts and start shooting at random.  Or to become a mass murderer lurking just below the police radar until the clues point them out.  We’re not sure what causes a mother or father or relative to kill his whole family, or drive off the bridge with the kids in their car seats.  So there’s plenty we don’t know about.  But I’m sure science is working on that too.

On the lighter side, science is working on treatments and alternative food sources for food allergens, but if a peanut can kill you, or a coffee bean can give you a migraine, or a piece of bread can cause general aches or behavioral changes, be careful out there.  We know how to treat, but not what causes, ADD and AD/HD.  I wonder if some of these are brought on just by how food has been handled, or processed.  Science is working on curing diabetes and cancer and other diseases, too, but we’re not there yet.

We know what spreads some of the pestilences, and how to stop them, but sometimes the lifestyle choices are too close to obedience to the Bible so people won’t voluntarily put those safeguards in place.  Some people value money, pleasure and convenience over common sense, and over their own, and others, safety and health.  And some people are just plain stupid; we can leave the Bible out of those conversations.

Recently there was a beef scare, called “mad cow disease,” that it turned out was caused by an unsafe feeding practice. And what about STDs?  You can practice safe sex all you want, but as I asked above, what happens when technology fails?  What happens when safeguards aren’t even put into practice?  Recently we’ve had e coli contaminations causing illnesses on cruise ships.  A little bleach would have gone a long way there.  Hand washing, containing your coughing and sneezing, and having people stay home or go to the hospital would be good strategies to isolate, treat, and survive the latest avian and swine flu strains, but they can kill you if you get them. Those, I fear, were just tiny tremors compared to Ebola.  And these diseases traverse the globe unchecked, faster than the zombie apocalypse (I think I read somewhere that if that ever actually started, the last uninfected person on Earth would fall within roughly a month).  From Africa to Spain to Texas, Ebola is already here in the United States already, because our patient zero wasn’t properly screened, detained, and quarantined.  Treatment is possible, apparently survival is possible, but Ebola isn’t Influenza.  It’s killing higher percentages of victims.  What happens when treatment isn’t available, or medicines aren’t produced or distributed fast enough?

Science will come up with an answer.  I’m not scared of the blood moon yet.  But when and where science fails to explain away the signs promised in the Bible, occurring at decreasing intervals and with a frightening accuracy rate, I’m getting out my sandwich board.  There’s still one God they haven’t satisfactorily explained away with science, and I think I’m going to go read His Book now.

I’ll sign off the way I always feel like the news broadcasters leave me:

It’s the end of the world (almost)!  Have a nice day!



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