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True Stories, Plot Spoilers, Supporting Characters and Romance September 8, 2014

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Plot Spoilers.  We all hate them.  A friend saw the big game and we recorded it so we could play it later.  He calls with the score and did you see that last play?  Ruining a great cliffhanger of a game.  In idle conversation, some work associate saw the show before you could catch up and tells you some critical plot point.

Two blogs about Dexter in a row.  My daughter has seen all of the episodes of Sherlock, the new Doctor Who’s from nine through eleven and bits of twelve already, Black Butler, and Supernatural.  I work, or I would be caught up with her.  She isn’t allowed to watch Dexter because of some strong adult themes.  But I like it.  It was almost inevitable, I started watching the show and got interested in the characters, so I started reading about them, and some important plot points were revealed in my “vetting process.”

Dexter has his own “vetting process” used on potential victims to make sure they fit his code.  The plot is spoiled; I know in advance what will happen.  I still have just over a season of episodes still to watch before the show’s finale.  I know what’s going to happen, but I still want to watch.  Same thing with Black Butler, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Supernatural.  She’s seen them all and let some important plot details slip.  She’s made me watch some episodes out of order.  I’ve looked them up online.  But I still will watch them, in order, time permitting.

I am watching the shows in spite of knowing the plot, because I love the characters.  Dear, deadly, devilish Dexter, kills off his victims because they are bad.  The code he follows usually prevents him from doing away  with any “innocents.”  As if anyone really was “innocent.”  And Deb uses profanity in every possible presentation, in literally every possible part of speech in the English language, including a few I think the writers invented.  I find her character sad, touching, loveable, attractive, and hilarious.  I know what’s going to happen and I still have to watch to the last episode.  And the other characters have me hoping for a spinoff show.  Lumen is the most likely candidate for a sequel series, with cameo appearances by Dexter when plots demand them.  I could write it:  Something bad happens to her and she snaps and becomes the Avenging Light (Lumen), after having experienced Dexter’s darkness, and her own life’s trauma haunts her. These characters are so good I don’t want the show to end, although the writers ended it a year ago.

I can see why my daughter loves her shows as well.  I grew up watching and enjoying the slower moving Doctor Who, which has picked up the pace considerably in recent times.  Sherlock is brilliant and quick and connects the dots in amazing ways, as we would expect of a well-written character.  And Supernatural, for all of its’ demonic darkness, has entertaining moments touching scenes, and a good soundtrack.  What’s not to love?

If my life is to turn out well, I would love a plot spoiler even though it would mean I know how things turn out.  If my life is to turn out poorly, however, please just surprise me.  A plot spoiler would encourage me while I’m plodding through the slow-moving, boring stuff I have to go through to get to the good stuff.  It’s going to take me a while to catch up to my daughter with her favorite shows, but I see why she likes them, and it is a way for us to be connected through her sometimes uncomfortable early teen years.  She is a really delightful character.  I love her dearly in real life.  I hope I’m always a part of her fandom, always excited to watch the next episode unfold.  And unlike Dexter, I hope the Writer lets her stick around for a long time, and lets her supporting cast, including me, stick around as well.  But please, no spoilers for her life.  There are things I don’t want to know.  I just want to encourage and love her more every season.  Maybe I can be a part of the vetting process for her choice of a lifetime partner.  Or maybe I should just trust her to practice wisdom and follow her intuition and her heart.  If they’re bad I hope she gets rid of them, and then, of the good ones, I hope she chooses the best one, like her mother before her did.  She’s a lovely, priceless treasure and if she needs me to, I want to be there to run off the lesser candidates.

For my son I feel exactly the same way.  He has his own likes and dislikes, his own favorite shows.  I can’t possibly keep up.  And his preferences are decidedly still child-like, which I adore.  The heroes are super.  The tales are epic.  Like I hope his life turns out.  But please, no plot spoilers.  I want to encourage and love him more every season too.  He is super, epic, heroic and adorable, and I know his life will bear these traits out.  He’s a good one already.  He’s going to be a trophy husband and a winner.

Sometimes I’m watching and it’s the best comedy ever.  Sometimes it’s sad and I want to cry.  Sometimes it’s so complicated I’m worried.  Sometimes I do know how things will play out.  But most of the time I am concerned and intervene where I can be helpful.  And occasionally I don’t make the best decisions.  But I can’t stop watching and loving these characters.  I just really, really hope for the happily ever after ending.

For my wife, I want to be just a little more than a supporting character.  I want to be THE one and only strong leading man in her life, the one who sets the standard for how much a man can love his wife, encouraging her to be her best while seeking to be the best.  The leading man in a good story frequently goes through the storms that come to every character’s life.  I want to survive the storms and come out on the other side even more strong and loving.  And no plot spoilers please.  I don’t want to know what happens in my series finale.  Just don’t write me out of the story line any time soon.  If there is a high point I’ve already seen in this show, it’s my family.  And if anything is to be spoiled in the plot, let it first be my family, spoiled by their adoring husband and father, followed by my grandchildren, whenever they come along.  Completely spoiled by their adorable, supporting grandfather.



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