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Yay! July 7, 2014

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My son and I had the opportunity to work to earn our family tickets to a July 4 concert.  It was on July 5 and it’s called Symphony On the Prairie.  Look that one up, it was brilliant.  For a few hours before and after the concert we set up and took down tables and chairs for the high-end ticket holders and earned a seat on the grass of our choice.  We had a great view of everything.  We had a lovely picnic dinner on the grounds at Conner Prairie.

We were treated to a variety of patriotic orchestral music and readings.  We were treated to a brilliant musical history of the harmonica.  One highly decorated gentleman from the US Army read from the Constitution and a Lincoln impersonator dramatically recited the Gettysburg address. The crowd recognized surviving veterans from World War 2, and the rest of the surviving veterans of our various wars, by military service branch.  We had some Civil War re-enactors who served as a color guard. The concert ended with the 1812 Overture, complete with cannons, and then encores while they set off wonderful fireworks. 

The words and the music and the fireworks were great, but I felt they were not enough.  The event moved me to tears.  I love our country, and I love good music.  But even my emotional swells are not enough.  At several times during the music and the presentation, one lady in the background in her wheelchair had it right.  She was cheering loudly behind us in a piercing voice I’m sure everyone heard.  And though we all applauded and cheered, her fanfare was the right celebration for everything that has made America the best country to live in.

And she said, “YAY!”  We have our history, good and bad.  We have our relationships, internal and foreign, good and bad.  But our country with issues good and bad, is still a country where people want to come for opportunity, and we are still, for the moment, relatively speaking, free.

“YAY!”  Let the simple cheer of patriotism echo, eternal, shrill and piercing, for all to hear around the world.  And may our prayer continue to be, “God bless America,” “America, America, God shed his grace on thee.”  Amen



1. michaelnjohns - July 7, 2014

You can buy your tickets to any of the SOTP presentations, through the following link: http://www.indianapolissymphony.org/season/1314season/series/sotp.aspx

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