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Dream Weaver June 30, 2014

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Just how drug addled were the 60s and 70s?

Gary Wright wrote what was probably the perfect song that reached #1 in the Spring of 1976. It was #1 in Canada, only #2 in the U.S. If you’re going to be considered a one-hit wonder, then your only hit song should be this good. The lyrics and music are so good, I sat in my car an extra 5 minutes on Friday afternoon after work, because it started playing just as I got to my driveway.

When I search for the song I see all sorts of fun references to bands that it’s attributed to. Styx is a good one, but they didn’t have a song called Dream Weaver. REO Speedwagon actually did another song called Dream Weaver, but it was totally different, and there was muddling waiting to happen over time, I suppose.

That commercial (whose product I do not remember) comes to mind, where the woman found a guy over the internet dating service, who said he was a French model (Gruffly: “Bahn Joor!”). That might have been State Farm, according to the Internet, but check for yourselves. Because everything on the internet is true, right? Well, Internet. The lyrics to the REO Speedwagon song Dream Weaver, are not the same as the Gary Wright song, but you think they are. I can’t find the correct lyrics to the REO Speedwagon song though. Maybe they’re writing this stuff in their sleep, and when they wake up they have no memory of doing it. Whatever excuses you have to offer me, Internet, until the lyrics to the song by REO Speedwagon are not muddled up with the song lyrics by Gary Wright, I have lost my trust and you must earn it to have it back. I stopped trusting my email messages long ago and I have a delete key for that, but I can’t fix you, Internet.

The Gary Wright song is amazing, with images of a good night’s sleep, and a dream of a romantic liaison so wonderful it’s like a trip to the moon and back. When I heard the song as an innocent kid, I didn’t imagine anything about drugs. Yeah, I was a naïve kid. But looking back with present knowledge, some kind of trip might have been implied, I suppose. It’s still a pretty song. Still today, we need a dream weaver to help us forget today’s pain and help us to find a place of escape into fantasy or rest so we can face tomorrow’s dawn, which “may be coming soon.” Tonight I might just find the song, turn the volume low, close my eyes and see what happens.

Sleep is refreshing, but many people can’t find it. True love is also supposed to be good, strengthening, refreshing, if one can find that. Escape into fantasy is good too. Drugs and alcohol might be tools to aid in the resting and refreshing process, but I hear that many people get addicted, or experience nasty side effects. Nausea. Vomiting. Depression. Groggy rebound. Hallucinations. Sleep-walking, or worse, sleep-driving. Maybe the drug addled 60s and 70s have been rehashed by the latest decade, with newer, better drugs, with newer, but similar, side effects.

Finding true love, I guess, is supposed to be easy. I mean, just look at all the songs about it. And look at all those internet dating and hookup sites. (Gruff Internet “French” Guy: “We.”) But it’s not, is it?. After the pop tunes about the feeling and fear of unrequited love, and then the songs about discovering true love, one tunes into the classic rock or country stations to hear the songs about “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (yeah yeah, yeah yeah)” and vengefully vandalizing cars, and how she, or he, “done me wrong.” Or more occasionally, and therefore somewhat refreshing, songs about how it’s my fault but still want her back and hope she’ll have me, or how I don’t care what she did, I still love her.

A good book is cheaper and more certain than “true love,” and is, for the record, a better sleep-enabler than the TV. Sometimes. And then there are the times when you get caught up in reading and you’re up until 2:30AM before realizing how early it is and how soon you have to go to work. True love? It’s hard work and according to one song writer, “You cain’t always git what you want.” And you don’t always get a reciprocation to your investment, no matter how much you buy in and then wish upon your dream. If only life were simpler.

Because I have both good books and true love, I can sleep just fine. Between the hours of 1:30 AM and 6:00 AM, I am out cold. But I may be awake at any other time, because I can’t sleep. Occasionally, I’ll be awake longer. And sometimes I just want to get lost in a dream. I don’t even think REO’s Dream Weaver song charted at all. The Album with that song, “Lost In A Dream” charted at 74th on the top 100 albums at the time. If I can’t find the correct lyrics to REO Speedwagon’s Dream Weaver song after only 39 years, I guess all of their fans are dead, or too busy fighting for survival to mount a proper protest. Maybe they’re sleeping, and if they are, don’t wake them up because they need their rest at their age. And poor Gary. His song and his lyrics, according to the internet, has been accredited to a band with many more hits to their name. They don’t need it. Give it back to Gary, Internet. And find me the correct lyrics to REO’s song!

Just how drug-addled are the people who post stuff on the internet?

The edited saying goes, “all the world is pixilated save thee and me, and oft-times I worry about thee.” (Internet attribution is given to Robert Owen, but again…) So until next time, friends, don’t believe everything you read on the internet (except my blog, and yours), don’t sign up to receive an outrageous fortune from a dearly departed distant relative in Africa, or from a lottery winner in the UK (yeah I got one of those recently), don’t click on any blind links that offer enhanced performance or free views of pretty things in an email that might have been hacked, get some rest when you can,

And, “Bahn Joor!!”



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