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Texting While Driving- STOP IT. May 28, 2014

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Does this really need to be said again?  Just stop it, people!  Oh, I’m ranting.  If this doesn’t apply to you, ignore it or pass it on.  Yesterday I was followed too closely by a thirty-something soccer mom type, who kept creeping her car right up on my bumper, while looking down at something.  I honked and gestured gently (no profanity) that her eyes needed to be up on the traffic, not down at her knitting.  She didn’t get it.  Fortunately she didn’t hit me, but she was following too closely and it really made me extremely uncomfortable expecting it, and angry because it was not really necessary.  “I’m stuck in traffic.  The light’s stuck on flashing red.” Does NOT need to be tweeted to your next of kin.  While you are approaching my rear bumper at any rate of speed.  If you are driving, even if you are in traffic that isn’t moving fast, if you are moving, your eyes need to be on the road.  Or, if I survive, I will sue you for everything you have, and then some if I can get it, if you hit me.  And trust me, in the modern economy, I know you don’t have much, but I will take it.

Last week I was following, in the passing lane, a car in the slow lane, which kept weaving in and out of my lane randomly.  I couldn’t pass, for fear she would have side-swiped me.  I pulled alongside at a stop light, and the little old lady in the car was, you guessed it, looking down at something.  I honked and gestured gently at her too, and at the next light, after weaving a bit, she turned off to the right.  She didn’t get it either, however rational my irrational rage might have been at her lame excuse for driving skills.  If I were a cop, she probably wouldn’t have been doing it at all, but if she had and I were, I would have flashed lights and tripped a few seconds of siren if I had them.  And my wild gesturing and honking probably frightened her for the wrong reason.  She thinks I’m the psycho road-rager, but I’m not.  I’m trying to drive, safely, to the next job.  She didn’t get the message, but it’s not that hard to get.

For the love of God, people, and if not for the love of God, at least out of courtesy and common decency,




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