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“Every Writer Has A Movie Script” May 9, 2014

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The joke is that “every writer has a movie script” they’ve either written already and are desperately trying to get a film maker to read it and take on the project, or they’re writing currently. The same goes for novels. I saw it on the Simpsons because everything has been done by them already. (“When You Dish Upon A Star,” Season 10). They reject them because so many writers have great ideas, but they want the ones that won’t be disasters at the box office.

Well today I had an idea, and I’m half-joking that I’m going to write it. I’m not going to dish on what it’s about, but it’s hilarious to me. It’s just so almost scientifically possible, given the scene in the world today, scientific rumblings, and a key prophecy in the Bible. I love the genre, I can dish that without giving too much away. Speaking of box office disasters, “it’s the end of the world!” and “we’re all going to die,” said Glum from Gulliver’s Travels. I’m sure my script has got at least a snowballs chance in a fiery inferno. Hmm. How do I work that into my script? That is, if I suspend my own disbelief long enough to actually write this down.

If anyone knows any movie producers looking for the next brilliant project, they’ll have to wait because I’m still developing characters. Following the official policy for script submissions, it’ll have to be written first, submitted for reviews, selected off the piles, reviewed by the assistant’s assistant, ignored by the assistant, discarded, accidentally fall out of the janitor’s wheeled trash hopper, and land gloriously in front of James Cameron’s, Martin Scorsese’s or Christopher Nolan’s office door. It’s scientifically possible.

I wrote about how our jokes can become our best ideas ever, and change our lives. Maybe this is it. But I’m leaving out the talking pie. (sorry, it’s another reference from “When You Dish Upon A Star,” The Simpsons, Season 10) And my idea? People just might buy it!

I’m starting here, after some more coffee, whenever time permits: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-Movie-Scripts But I have so many other ideas, I feel like I’m already chasing the wind. What to write first?!



1. michaelnjohns - May 22, 2014

my sister says my script is a dumb idea and it’s been done before but I can’t find it anywhere and the movie she suggested was totally different than my idea. which means my script idea is either a dumb idea or it’s brilliant and must be written. and filmed. and paid large buckets full of money for.

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