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Drinking Living Water- Day 16 March 24, 2011

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Drinking Living Water from a Fire Hose- Day 16: II Kings 16-I Chronicles 26, Psalm 78-79, Proverbs 16, Acts 24-28
IIKings 16 Ahaz king of Judah is rescued from Rezin king of Aram and Pekah son of Remaliah king of Israel by the king of Assyria (Babylon) Tiglath Pileser. Ahaz had tossed his own son into the fire as a sacrifice. 1)eww and 2) what? Un-holech Molech! I thought God took a dim view of that kind of behavior. Perhaps that is the reason for the seige, but then why did God allow Babylon to come to the rescue, and then Ahaz starts acting all holy (10-16). Or maybe not. Aren’t the priests supposed to offer the sacrifices? And he was using a bronze altar for seeking guidance. Now. Perhaps he was a son too late to start this? But then I guess Hezekiah wouldn’t have been the heir to the throne then. 17: Babylonian captivity. Cities are populated by Babylonians who don’t know how to worship God, He sends lions to ravage them until they send priests who teach how to worship. But the native Babylonians worship a fascinating littany of alternative gods/demons: Succoth Benoth, Nergal, Ashima, Nibhaz and Tartak, Adrammelech and Anammelech. And in the next chapter, apparently they started worshipping the snake Moses had made out of brass to stop a plague, called it Nehushtan.
19: Babylon’s downfall predicted, occurs. It is because the king bragged on his strength and belittled The God of the Israelites. 185,000 Babylonians are killed in the middle of the night. Rats? Or were they just all over the bodies by the time someone saw them, slain by the Angel of God? Sennacherib is killed by 2 of his sons, and Esarhaddon becomes king in Babylon. 20 Hezekiah and Isaiah, H’s illness, the sun moves backward 10 degrees as a sign to H from God. If eastern sky to western sky is 180 degrees, presuming a 12 hour daylight day, 10 degrees represents God setting the clocks back by 40 minutes. Can we let God decide when to do daylight savings time instead of politicians? Interesting skeptic article here: http://www.keithhunt.com/Joshua3.html Hezekiah shows some spies treasures, Isaiah predicts a second Babylonian exile on H’s son(s). Manasseh succeeds H as king, he is E
vil. Not until 22 do we get a decent king, Josiah. A young boy, he is fearless and breaks down the idols etc of the people, has the temple restored, the law (they, um…. FOUND) re-read, and Josiah is killed in battle by the king of Egypt – Pharaoh Neco. Babylon invades, captivity and kings names are changed, Israel serves Babylon because of their idolatry
I Chronicles 1-9: Geneologies. It includes some interesting details about the people. 10 retells how Saul killed himself in battle 11 David as king 12 victorious in battle- his fighting men 13 David brings the ark partway to Jerusalem, Uzzah is killed for touching it 14 vs the Philistines again 15 The Ark to Jerusalem, David dances and his wife despises him.16 they worship, David sings a psalm 17 David is told he will not build God a house but God will build David a house, his lineage will always be king of Israel 19 David makes a friendly gesture to the King of the Ammonites but they humiliate his troops so David goes to war against them and they are routed. 20 Goliath’s brothers are killed. One is a guy with 12 fingers and 12 toes 21 David’s census, the plague David buys a threshing floor 22 David wants Solomon to build the temple there, he dedicates him 23 Solomon is installed as king, 23-24 the levites tasks are described 25 the choir 26 guards and treasurers for the temple
Psalm 78 About the trip from Egypt, God “spreads a table in the wilderness” for them in spite of their attitudes and sin and faithlessness Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed and God controls gambling outcomes: 33 The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.
Acts 24-26 Paul appeals to Roman citizenship, appeals to Caesar, testifies before the rulers 27 Sails for Rome, is shipwrecked 28 Paul on Malta survives a poisonous snakebite, heals the sick. Arrives at Rome, testifies for 2 years about Jesus unhindered



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