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The Holiday Season- Please Don’t Wake Me When It’s Over December 4, 2009

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I just changed my theme to a Christmas time theme with a tree and everything.Would someone PLEASE remind me when Christmas is over so I remember to change my theme?   I am a bit A.D.D. and without a lot of coffee to keep that under control I do sometimes let the little details of life slip by.  Too bad I haven’t found a focusing mojo.  Look!  A Chicken!  Or is that a turkey?
 Oh.  It’s a Turkey.  Thank you, Geology.com. http://geology.com/world/turkey-satellite-image.shtml   I absolutely LOVE the holiday season.  I could have Thanksgiving and Christmas all year, except I would look more like a Butterball (is that a trademark?).  Why?  There are cookies and pies and best of all, Turkey and Dressing.  The whole cranberry thing I haven’t figured out yet, but I like some cranberry stuff with oranges, or the canned jelly is also great.  Cut open a can and listen for that “thork!” as it slides out.   Pure Red Tart, with a mild sweetness concentrated in a 16oz tin, amazing.  Cranberries aren’t exactly the bacon of fruits, but they seem to add cranberries to every kind of fruit juice imaginable.  I think the Ocean Spray people have a conspiracy going on to sell more cran-stuff.  There are even CRAISINS for heaven’s sake, they didn’t have those when I was a kid.  And they aren’t bad either.

This is a time to reflect on the good things we  should be thankful for instead of taking everything for granted.  It’s a time to reconnect with family and friends and remind each other how much we love one another. It’s also a time to give and receive gifts and remember the first and best gift.  If you aren’t sure about that check in at a local church at Christmas.  You’ll be welcomed even if you aren’t a regular, trust me. Even though Christmas borrows elements from some pagan festival (I’ll let you do your own research on that topic, there is plenty of information on trees and druids and solstices and so on), people who are in the know realize we celebrate Christmas by giving gifts as a way of remembering the Gift of God. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 That gift, his only Son, was Jesus, commemorated by all of those manger scenes, as long as they’re not made illegal by some city government.

Turkey is comfort food.  Stuffing, or “dressing” if it isn’t from inside that bird, is simply awesome, even if it’s just bread crumbs, minced celery, onions, garlic, spices and broth (and maybe a little mushroom, but why ruin a perfectly good thing?).  Turkey.  White meat, perfect for sandwiches if there are any left overs.  Dark meat, moist, tender, who can resist those drumsticks?  I could eat this all year long.  Ben Franklin was a wise sage who thought turkey should be the national bird.  (Sage is delicious flavor addition to turkey and other fowl, by the way.)

Cookies and pie.  How many different kinds can you think of?  I could eat a different cookie every day, and a slice of pie every day, and never tire of the varieties available.  If I did this I would weigh 300 lbs and be a candidate for “Biggest Loser’s” next season.    But it would be a fun year or two.  States are adopting official “State Pies” now.  That means there should be 50 (or is that 51) different pies to try next March 14.  I love pumpkin pie but I do think that’s a little heavy for everyday consumption.  Also I have had an excellent chocolate bourbon pecan pie recently.  I like pecan pie, all right, but there was something decadent and sinful about throwing a liberal handful of chocolate chips in the bottom of the crust and then adding a little bourbon to the pie filling (and then, adding some to the chef).

Turkey has a naturally occurring chemical (God be praised) that makes people sleepy.  This is why, after the Thanksgiving banquet (this is no ordinary meal), people want to take a nap.  Dishes can wait.  I’ll get to them when I wake up.  I am really enjoying the holiday season, please don’t wake me when it’s over.

It’s all over at New Year’s Day, the day when we sinners repent and make our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and live in moderation.  Or is that the day after Mardi Gras?   I need a health club membership, time to use it, and money for ingredients for all of the turkey and other treats I want to consume in the next two years.  Come on over.  I need some folks to share my guilty pleasure (and help foot the bill).



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